Used Automobiles in The Berkshires

Berkshire Dealers is not a dealer in its self.  We aggregate the inventory of member dealers and member individuals to give you an easy way to shop a rather large combined inventory.

All vehicle inquiries are forwarded to the applicable dealer(s) instantly via email - they're usually pretty on it so expect a response promptly.

Cummins 10sp 33,000 miles
Electric 402hp 494ft. lbs. 1-Speed Direct-Drive Automatic 8,231 miles
Pentastar 3.6L V6 280hp 260ft. lbs. 6-Speed Automatic 33,473 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 250hp 258ft 8-Speed Shiftable Automatic 27,610 miles
5.3L Automatic 126,080 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 272hp 280ft. lbs. 10-Speed Shiftable Automatic 20,057 miles
3.5L V6 280hp 262ft. lbs. 9-Speed Shiftable Automatic 27,945 miles
EcoBoost 2.0L Turbo I4 250hp 277ft. lbs. 8-Speed Automatic 20,077 miles
3.6L V6 285hp 260ft. lbs. 6-Speed Manual 17,784 miles
3.6L V6 276hp 266ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable Automatic 29,348 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 248hp 273ft. lbs. 7-Speed Double Clutch 19,862 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 228hp 258ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable Automatic 25,985 miles
3.6L V6 308hp 270ft. lbs. 9-Speed Automatic 11,484 miles
SKYACTIV-G 2.5L I4 186hp 186ft. lbs. 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic w/Sport Transmission 14,384 miles
2.5L I4 181hp 181ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable CVT 23,130 miles
Pentastar 3.6L V6 295hp 260ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable Automatic 24,154 miles
5.3L Automatic 101,150 miles
1.5L Turbo I4 170hp 203ft. lbs. 9-Speed Shiftable Automatic 15,442 miles
ECOTEC 1.3L Turbo I3 150hp 174ft. lbs. 9-Speed Shiftable Automatic 26,942 miles
1.5L Turbo I4 190hp 179ft. lbs. CVT 17,354 miles
3.6L Automatic 87,900 miles
1.6L Turbo I4 175hp 195ft. lbs. 7-Speed Automatic 22,680 miles
2.5L I4 181hp 181ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable CVT 17,944 miles
6.4L Automatic 93,000 miles
5.0L Automatic 149,435 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 184hp 221ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable Automatic 25,771 miles
2.4L I4 181hp 175ft. lbs. 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic 23,487 miles
2.0L H4 152hp 145ft. lbs. 7-Speed Shiftable CVT 22,501 miles
2.5L I4 181hp 181ft. lbs. 8-Speed Shiftable CVT 27,406 miles
5.3L Automatic 105,750 miles
3.6L Automatic 92,800 miles
1.8L I4 141hp 127ft. lbs. CVT 17,860 miles
2.4L I4 181hp 175ft. lbs. 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic 19,813 miles
2.0L I4 166hp 149ft. lbs. 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic 25,662 miles
2.3L Automatic 110,315 miles
3.6L Manual 159,610 miles
2.0L Automatic 94,900 miles
3.5L Automatic 91,300 miles
2.0L Turbo I4 200hp 207ft. lbs. 6-speed Automatic with Tiptronic 28,900 miles
2.4L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 105,000 miles
2.5L Automatic 6 117,030 miles
2.5L Automatic 158,300 miles
3.6L Automatic 131,450 miles
2.4L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 149,430 miles
2.0L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 121,390 miles
2.0L Automatic 6 99,992 miles
2.5L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 86,525 miles
2.5L Automatic 151,795 miles
2.5L Automatic 127,050 miles
2.5L Automatic 151,725 miles
3.6L Automatic 154,735 miles
2.5L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 101,765 miles
2.0L Manual/Standard 5 118,850 miles
2.0L H4 148hp 145ft. lbs. 6-Speed Shiftable CVT 75,302 miles
6.0L Automatic 89,000 miles
2.5L Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 107,190 miles
3.6L Automatic 147,310 miles
2.5L Automatic 156,159 miles
2.4L Automatic 5 165,810 miles
2.5L Automatic 149,290 miles
4.6L Automatic 92,600 miles
1.6L Automatic 113,900 miles
4.6L 6 Speed Manual 153,805 miles
3.8L Automatic 167,300 miles
3.6L Automatic 77,400 miles
2.5L Automatic 148,120 miles
2.0L Automatic 107,110 miles
2.5L Manual/Standard 6 136,300 miles
4.0L Manual 107,200 miles
1.4L Automatic 83,444 miles
2.4L Automatic 107,900 miles
2.0L Automatic 141,950 miles
2.5L Automatic 162,490 miles
2.4L Automatic 187,000 miles
4 Auto 104,444 miles
2.5L Automatic 4 156,000 miles
2.4L Automatic 104,000 miles
6 Automatic 110,676 miles